It's been exactly one month since the last update on the sustainable modern cabin project located in the Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas. The EarthForm crew has been busy building and finishing the rammed earth walls, and now work has shifted to installing utilities and preparing for the concrete slab (photos below). Once the concrete is poured we can continue on with framing and fabricating the window and door systems to dry-in the house. 

If you are an architect or homeowner interested in discussing a luxury modern home build in Arkansas or Missouri, drop us a line to start a conversation. 
The construction process on a rammed earth wall in NW ArkansasA Rammed Earth Lintel being formed on a Modern Cabin Project in the Ozark Mountains of NW ArkansasThe EarthFrom crew finishing a rammed earth wall on a sustainable modern house in NW Arkansas.Arkansas quartz crystals embedded in a rammed earth wall on a modern cabin project in Eureka Springs, AR