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Developed by craftsmen with decades of experience in cutting-edge concrete projects, Kodiak Pro is a line of ultra-high-performance concrete bagged mixes, admixes and sealer. 

The Kodiak Pro system was born out of necessity – there were simply no products on the market able to achieve the strength, surface quality and finishes we demanded. So, we set out to build our own. The result is a better concrete with superior ingredients. 

Maker Mix   
The core of the Kodiak Pro system, Maker Mix is our UHPC white bagged mix, which reimagines the capabilities of concrete. It has been specially designed for optimal reaction to the ONLY sealer we trust – the one we sell, ICT.

Maker Mix is truly the Swiss army knife of concrete mixes. Simply adjust dosages of The Best Plasticizer (TBP), fiber type and loading to create SCC GFRC mixes for flawless modern casts. Other applications include ECC mixes for a Dusty-Crete aesthetic and amazing UCT mixes for crafting upright-cast finishes. 

The Best Plasticizer a.k.a TBP 
Everything its name implies and then some, we have no misgivings about calling TBP what it is. 

What our Maker Mix is to bagged mixes, TBP is to plasticizers. It's an unbelievably well-rounded product suited for all mix types. 

The days of purchasing and dosing multiple plasticizers for different mix types are over! And good riddance! Since it's a powder, TBP is extremely stable in all shop conditions and has an infinite shelf life. 

Simply put it's The. Best. Plasticizer. Ever! 

ICT Sealer 
We're proud to include this sealer in the Kodiak Pro System, and frankly, no other sealers would do. From personal experience, we know this to be the most durable sealer for real-world environments. Developed by Jon Schuler, ICT sealer has been used on millions of square feet of concrete all around the world for nearly 20 years. 

ICT sets the standard all other sealers are measured against, and this benchmark is constantly being raised again and again. Over the years, Jon has made advancements to the sealer to match developments in raw materials and concrete. The most recently developed ingredients in concrete react phenomenally well with the latest formulation of ICT.   

We're sure you'll find, as we have, that the key to creating premium products is the symbiotic relationship between Maker Mix and ICT. And creating premium products is the foundation of a successful business.






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