EarthForm offers world class stabilized insulated rammed earth construction and consultation services, as well as full design/build and project management. 
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Hard Goods

Hard Goods offers custom and standard concrete, wood, and steel design and fabrication. Concrete sinks, countertops, bathtubs, tile, and furniture. The original 'Objects for Living in Concrete, Wood, and Steel' since 2004.
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Concrete Design School

Concrete Design School is the international leader in hands-on concrete training workshops. We have been teaching the ways of GFRC, fabric-forming, DustyCrete, and Furniture Design since 2005. The Difference is Experience, Experience the Difference.
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Kodiak Pro

Kodiak Pro is a high-performance concrete and rammed earth materials company. Specializing in cutting edge concrete and rammed earth admixes and sealers.
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Spaces for living and work should inspire the people who inhabit them. The Gore Design Companies were born out of a passion to promote a residential and commercial design movement, replacing the mass-produced throwaway culture in favor of thoughtful craftsmanship and enduring materials to last millennia: 

Explore the links below to find custom concrete sinks, concrete, steel, and wood furniture or start a rammed-earth building project. You can also learn how to do it yourself and purchase the best materials in the world to get it done.



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