"Never Underestimate Hydraulic Pressure" is a mantra we live by. We've relearned that lesson more times than we'd like to recount over the last 2 decades. It's these hard earned truths that have come to define the distinction of our workshops - experience.  

If you are considering attending a decorative concrete class in 2023 to learn how to design and craft concrete countertops, sinks, furniture, and/or tile, your money would be best spent learning from the innovators of the techniques and materials. 

It's said that "imitation is the highest form of flattery", but when it come to information, you don't want counterfeit instruction from a person who doesn't comprehend "why" things are done the way they are. 

Don't waste your money on the Ultimate Mistake in training, which is a poor knockoff of authentic Concrete Design School techniques.

Invest in yourself, invest in your future. The Difference is Experience, Experience the Difference, register for a Concrete Design School workshop today, www.ConcreteDesignSchool.com For the world's best UHPC concrete mix and reactive sealer, visit www.KodiakPro.com