I leaned against the fence and watched the cattle graze. It was a cool morning on the ranch, and I closed my eyes and let the sun warm my face. Suddenly, my mother called for me from the house. Her voice was strained, and I knew something was wrong. My grandfather was struggling to breathe. We rushed him to the hospital, but a week later, he passed. Cancer. The year was 1985.

He'd worked in the automotive and construction industry, where protective equipment was not a priority. Materials were toxic, and my grandfather died young because of it.

Years passed, and I found myself creating concrete sinks and countertops, but something was amiss. The sealers I used were toxic, and I felt ill. The memory of my grandfather in the hospital, struggling to breathe, came flooding back. I knew I had to make a change.

I had a chemistry background and set out to create a non-toxic, zero VOC concrete sealer. It took years of testing and refining, but I succeeded. Today, ICT is considered one of the best performing sealers in the world, but more importantly, it's safe.

I joined Kodiak Pro, and we set out to develop the next generation of high-performance concrete, focusing on a silica-free mix to combat silicosis in the concrete industry. We succeeded with RADmix. The industry doesn't prioritize health, but we do.

Life is short. I am committed to designing products that will not shorten it. I don't want to be the reason someone misses walking their daughter down the aisle on her wedding day, or sitting on the beach watching their grandchildren play in the surf. At Kodiak Pro, we value purpose over profit.

- Jon Schuler