The inaugural Concrete Hero's Quest triumphed with resounding success. Mark your calendars for the next one on August 9-11 in Napa, CA. We met fascinating new attendees and cherished the moments with the returning ones. The creations we fashioned were unmatched, and it was an incredible time with exceptional people.

Don't know what the Concrete Hero's Quest is? Here's a quick rundown:

Spark your creativity and elevate your concrete craftsmanship with the immersive Concrete Hero's Quest workshop. Led by the esteemed Joe Bates and his team, this 2.5-day journey will have you constructing and casting groundbreaking post-tensioned concrete tables that set new industry standards. Experience the thrill as each piece takes shape, boasting an awe-inspiring hand-tooled finish. But it doesn't end there. Learn the secrets of the exclusive Ramm-Crete technique, masterfully developed by visionary Brandon Gore and adapted by materials specialist Jon Schuler. Immerse yourself in this unparalleled opportunity, ensuring impeccable finishes and meticulous sealing. As the workshop reaches its crescendo, witness the installation of your completed masterpieces, leaving you with a profound sense of accomplishment and an expanded repertoire of concrete artistry. Embark on the Concrete Hero's Quest and unleash your true potential in the realm of concrete craftsmanship.