There has been a flurry of activity on the rammed earth build site the last few weeks. Spray foam was placed, plumbing rough-in was completed, electrical rough-in and service is nearly finished, the in-ceiling mini-split HVAC and ERV system was installed, Low-E insulated glazing is nearly wrapped up, custom Andersen E-Series windows and doors have been ordered as have all of the plumbing fixtures, and countless other small details have been buttoned up. 

Building a house is a process, building a house to last forever and where you sweat every detail is doubly intensive. Add to that the 100°F+ (38°C+) heat index and extreme humidity and you realize the only reason you put yourself through the pain is because you can't do any less, it's who you are.

The huge LowE insulated window, just after being installed into the rammed earth openingA big window in a big opening - a lot of planning went into forming the rammed earth wall and lintel to accommodate the glass.The view from inside the modern cabin in the woods into the Ozark mountain forestAn intersection between two bedrooms where an L-shaped rammed earth lintel and a corner window meetthis little detail, with the L-shaped lintel, corner glazing, fascia, and fascia vent was no easy taskthe timelessness of rammed earth, when juxtoposed with the sleek moderness of glass, is always a beautiful pairing  The corner window, integral bookshelf niche, spray foam, and lighting in the modern rammed earth house the ethereal lighting on the limestone rammed earth wall created by the frosted glass in the master bedroom is a nice toucha photo of brandon gore, furniture and home builder, just after grinding into a limestone rammed earth wall