The CALX Cabin interior was recently photographed by NW Arkansas photographer Aaron Menken. This custom modern rammed earth cabin was built by EarthForm and completed in 2021. The casework, GFRC concrete sinks, and contemporary concrete countertops were designed and handcrafted by Hard Goods.

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Without further ado, we present these first glimpses into the finished CALX Cabin, located in the Ozark Mountains of Eureka Springs, AR.

This modern living room could be on the cover of Dwell Magazine with the rammed earth walls, polished concrete floors, and massive steel and glass windows.The master bedroom in a modern rammed earth cabin built in the Ozark Mountains of Eureka Springs, AR, USAA modern kitchen in a rammed earth house featuring custom concrete countertops and matte black cabinetsA modern yet warm master bedroom in this rammed earth cabin in the United StatesThis floating custom concrete sink rests on a handcrafted modern oak cabinet in this rammed earth bathroomThe entry of the CALX Cabin features a built in oak bookcase recessed into the rammed earth wall.A modern kids room for two girls features a recessed oak bookcase in the rammed earth wallThe bespoke oak wardrobes in the master bedroom frame the custom concrete sink set against a limestone rammed earth wallThe minimal kitchen in the rammed earth house is warm with the organic textures and thoughtful space design.Is rammed earth expensive to build with? Japanese ceramic tile frame this simple tub in a rammed earth bathroomThe modern master suite is organic modern, clean and simple, with real materials such as limestone rammed earth, polished concrete floors, and steel framed glass windowsA clean and simple contemporary bathroom in a NW Arkansas custom modern home.The powder bath in the modern CALX Cabin rammed earth house showcases this bespoke concrete sink and floating cabinet handcrafted in the USA by Hard Goods.A wabi wabi modern kitchen with warm organic finishes like rammed earth walls, polished concrete floors, and sleek GFRC concrete countertops.The view through the rammed earth CALX Cabin is stunning, with perfect alignment on an exterior concrete art plinthe.A large glass window blurs the line between interior and exterior spaces in this modern rammed earth cabin located in Eureka Springs, AR, USA