I was a part of the class [that made the concrete bench in the photo above]. Learnt so much. If you are new to GFRC don’t buy anything till after your [CDS] workshop. You get a glimpse into a well run business. Looking forward to learning more.
— Steve Sousa (@stevesousa) via Instagram

We are 5 weeks out from the last three concrete workshops we will offer in 2017! This is the perfect time to register and book your travel accommodations to receive the best rates. Our November workshops have historically sold-out over the last decade, so if you're interested in attending one, two, or all three classes NOW is the time to enroll! Learn more and sign-up via the following links:

2.5 Day Fabric-Forming + GFRC Concrete Sink Workshop, November 5-7
2.5 Day Upright Casting Technique (UCT) for Sinks Workshop with Jon Schuler, November 7-9
1.5 Day Furniture Design Workshop, November 10-11
Or attend all three to receive special discounted pricing:

6.5 Day INCEPTION Training Event, November 5-11