We're on the home stretch with the rammed earth cabin in the woods project located in Eureka Springs, AR. Over the last several weeks drywall was hung and painted, plumbing and electrical were wrapped up, HVAC was installed, operational windows and doors were placed, the concrete floor was buffed and sealed, landscaping is underway, the deck was sealed, and about 100 other things that would bore you if I listed them. Now we're preparing to get the cabinetry built and installed, cast the concrete countertops and sinks, tile the bathroom tub and shower surrounds, and button up the punch-list. We're almost there!

Hanging drywall in the arkansas modern cabinHVAC, electrical, and glass going in the earthen cabin build in NW ArkansasA jobsite is often messyWaterproofing the tub and shower surround in preparation for tileRammed earth, Samsung HVAC, and Andersen E Series Windows are a good comboA view from inside the rammed earth cabin looking out into the woodsBG and baby, hamming it up on the rammed earth projectMy little girls helping rough in the landscaping moundsThe wood deck off the back of the sustainable modern cabin in the OzarksA rammed earth wall and a boulderWalking sticks love rammed earth, here they can be seen in the integrated light wells