If you have been interested in online video tutorials, I just released the first 2. These aren't your run-of-the-mill YouTube tutorials from folks that don't do this for a living. These are made by me and share a wealth of information worth far more than the cost of admission.


Spend 2 hours with concrete artisan Brandon Gore learning how to make a concrete sink using SCC GFRC. Topics covered included forming materials, tools, mix, casting, curing, finishing, and sealing.

Knowing how to make an awesome concrete sink, countertop, table, or tile is only half of the battle - getting it to the customer is often times when the battle is won or lost! In this tutorial, longtime concrete business owner Brandon Gore will walk you through the steps to come up with a crate cut-list, how to assemble the crate, finishing details, and how to ship it. If this tutorial saves you from having to remake even one piece, it paid for itself 100x over.