This last week we ground and polished the concrete floors to a natural terrazzo finish. One of the things I love about rammed earth is the sense of time and place it brings to a build - the walls feel ancient and anchored. The light in the space is unreal, especially the late afternoon sun. Dappled shadows from the trees dance across the natural textures and sheens of the space - money can't buy this level of luxury, it's beyond that, the house itself is a gift each day.

Money can, however, buy my time to build you a rammed earth home so you too can experience the timelessness of this real material. If you have a project you'd like to discuss feel free to reach out and we can meet up at Onyx for a coffee and chat. 

Polishing the concrete floor to a natural terrazzo finish in NW ArkansasThe colors of the stones from a local creek that were exposed in the concrete terrazzo floor or exquisitea peak into the master bedroom at the rammedearth modern cabin in Eureka Springs, ARThe textures of the wall, the floor reflecting light like water, it's almost too perfectSoon the glass will be installed, Artemide Tolomeo lights will be installed on the wall, and a Modernica Case Study bed will fill the space.One of the beautiful things about rammed earth is the sense of time and place it brings to a build. The walls feel ancient and anchored. Late afternoon sun reflecting off the polished concrete terrazzo floor on the rammed earth wallA house built to last thousands of years.