The autumn colors have peaked at the CALX Cabin in Eureka Springs, AR. Life is but a dream, or so it seems, when living in a rammed earth home. 

This house features a true southern exposure to optimize passive solar gain in the winter months. As the sun moves lower on the horizon and the leaves fall off the trees, warm sunlight reaches further and further into the home, warming the polished concrete floor (and the 3 Brussels Griffons). 

If you have a rammed earth project in the United States and would like to discuss consulting or wall fabrication, please reach out to start a conversation.

Leaves fall outside the rammed earth walls in NW ArkansasIn this photo you can see through the rammed earth house to the concrete art plinth located outside the primary bedroom.Autumn colors outside this modern rammed earth house in Eureka Springs, ARThe 3 amigos, the owners Brussels Griffons, sunning themselves in the autumn sun.