"Awesome training classes and the after class support and networking is the best out there!! For me, taking concrete classes is about Higher Learning and avoiding hundreds of hours of trial and error and CDS delivers! Unfortunately you can't learn everything or experience every scenario out there in a week. Along the way many questions come up and these guys are always there 100% of the way with me." - Jeff Van Arsdale

"CDS created the ladder that allowed me to climb to the top of my market, if you want the best training around, hands down this is the school to enroll in, from teachers that have thriving concrete businesses to design principals that are on the cutting edge in the concrete world, CDS delivers." - Henry Davis Kaldenbaugh

"I'm very happy with this class. So happy that I've returned. I was in a 17 year funk of doing decorative concrete. I do a lot of floors. I always did counters and sinks but when I learned all the methods that CDS had to offer, I became reinvigorated. I am now on a path of turning my decorative concrete company into a full time casting company only. The inspiration and teachings in this class is the only reason I didn't seek a new career. My experience with BG and Dusty has been extremely helpful. Not to mention I've made a few new friends when I needed it most. Love you guys." - Brian Manzanares

Don't Make the Ultimate Mistake in Concrete Training! Learn from Successful Concrete Professionals!

If you're going to spend money on a concrete class, shouldn't someone currently making a living in concrete design and fabrication teach it? It has always been our goal to offer our attendees "tried and true" skills from qualified industry experts that successfully own and operate businesses doing what they teach. Our instructors innovate and master unique approaches through years of trial and error - client project after client project. That is the value in what they bring to the table and teach to every attendee of a Concrete Design School Workshop. 

Enroll in the Spring Pinnacle Concrete Camp by Concrete Design School being held February 24-29, 2020 in Eureka Springs, AR. Registration is open, click here to learn more!