Casting a large piece of concrete is one thing, moving it is another story entirely. The battle begins a few days after casting. You stare at the behemoth before you, racking your brain trying to figure out the most effective and safe method of flipping it. If you happen to get it flipped without damaging it, your equipment or person the next phase begins - designing, building and transferring the concrete to a transport cart. Once on the cart you have to get it into a truck, secured, moved, unloaded and finally placed. Ah yes, placement of this concrete titan, most likely with the client and other onlookers watching, judging, suggesting; the pressure is immense. 

Michael Karmody can help. In this premiere workshop, Michael will take you through the thought processes, strategies, methods and mechanics of accomplishing the above described tasks in style and with panache. Sign up today and slay your concrete leviathan.