​Concrete Breeze Blocks are making a comeback, and for good reason, they are form and function in perfect harmony. Custom breeze blocks offer architects and designers the opportunity to design the facade of a space while also controlling and playing with light and shadow, as well as air flow. Breeze blocks can reduce blustery ocean winds and cut the harsh glare of the late afternoon sun​. 

For this project designed by the super talented folks at Kovac Design Studio, we designed and crafted the formwork, and handcast nearly 2,000 custom concrete breeze blocks in our white ultra high performance GFRC mix. The finished product is stunning!

Per the architects website, "Upon arrival, one is greeted by the project's eponymous breeze blocks, arranged in strategically rotated columns to form a privacy screen for the owners within. From the exterior, one only catches a glimpse of the space beyond; however, from inside the home, the columns are aligned to allow unimpeded views of the walkway approach and verdant landscaping in the front yard. The individual blocks are white cement with a golden colored opening through which the cooling breezes are allowed to pass. This color infuses the wall with a striking warmth, which is further enhanced at night, when concealed LEDs within each block brings them to life and turns the entire breeze block wall into a magnificent source of golden light."

Hard Goods is your partner in the design and fabrication of custom premium concrete breeze blocks for your project. Let's connect and help elevate your project to the next level. 

photo credit: Jeremy Bittermann, Roger Davies

Custom concrete breeze blocks at the entry of a modern home in Los Angeles, CACustom concrete breeze blocks at the entry of a modern home in Los Angeles, CaliforniaModern home in LA with breeze blocksCustom mold for concrete breeze blocksMolds for custom concrete breeze blocksCustom concrete breeze block fabricationwhite concrete breeze blocks made in the USAConcrete breeze blocks made by hand at Hard Goods